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Hwang Yeji [황예지] - CUTE & FUNNY MOMENTS (ITZY) [있지]

Hwang Yeji [황예지] (Yeddong) - Cute and Funny Moments on Idol Room, ITZY?ITZY!, Knowing Brother and Weekly Idol.

Yeji's Amazing Jump Rope Dance! [SketchBook / ep.482]

Yeji's Amazing Jump Rope Dance! [SketchBook / ep.482] ▶Full Episodes Music Bank clips: ...


ship ryeji! (ddaeng ddeong)

The hidden weapon of JYP 😵 ❤yeji❤

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the duality of itzy’s leader yeji

heyyy! here's a video of yeji being a baby! hope you enjoy :] sorry if some parts were a little choppy - i had to trim a few videos ...

[더 팬] Ep.2 화제의 영상 나만의 앵글로 보기 '황예지' 편 / 'THE FAN' Review

황예지 (ITZY)의 무대! 놀라운 댄스 실력! 그저 경이롭다...⊙▽⊙ Ain't My Fault~♬ SBS NOW channel is communicating with you on ...


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JYPE trainee Hwang Yeji - Ain't My Fault (Zara Larsson) SBS The Fan

JYP entertainment's trainee Hwang Yeji's live perfomance #jyp#twice#got7#straykids#2pm#suzy#day6 #newgirlgroup.

ITZY in a Nutshell // YEJI

This video kept getting blocked so I had to cut some clips out :( Time Stamps are Video Links are pinned in the comments! ----- I do ...

[MPD직캠] 있지 예지 직캠 4K 'WANNABE’ (ITZY YEJI FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2020.3.12

[MPD직캠] 있지 예지 - 워너비 [MPD FanCam] ITZY YEJI - WANNABE | @MCOUNTDOWN_2020.3.12 #MPD직캠 #MPDFanCam More from #M2? :D ...

Yeji x ryujin (ryeji moments part4)

Copayright disclaimer: I do not own any photo/Video in this video No copyright infringement intended. Entertainment Purpose only ...

[MPD직캠] 있지 예지 직캠 '달라달라(DALLA DALLA)' (ITZY YEJI FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2019.2.14

[MPD직캠] 있지 예지 - 달라달라 | @엠카운트다운_2019.2.14 [MPD FanCam] ITZY YEJI - DALLA DALLA | @MCOUNTDOWN_2019.2.14 #MPD직 ...

Yeji's real voice

How do you find her voice? ☺️🤍 ☆see u next week, same hour, same day☆ ✰DISCOUNT CODES✰ ☞Use code "poponly18" for an 18 ...

yeji and hyunjin being siblings

warning: not a ship video #2hwang #siblings hyunjin and yeji fancam: ©️Mera.

Yeji cute and chaotic moments

Soo...yeah I deleted the video i posted yesterday cause i removed some fotages.But here it is now follow me on instagram ...

ITZY Yeji and Chaeryeong dancing to BLACKPINK 'Forever Young' in Vlive

ITZY Yeji and Chaeryeong dancing to BLACKPINK 'Forever Young' ! My heart.

Yeji's Saying, "Hit it if you can!" [2019 ISAC Chuseok Special Ep 6]

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