Theresia Sandahl – видео

The days I can't see your eyes..

My best friend, my soulmate, my lifesaver ♥ Audio by MarenWijke.

Suprirce - So Cold

Jag äger inte låten - So Cold Ben Cocks.

Whats a soulmate?

So, this is the first video I made with my Mac. Hope you´ll like it. The audio is from ...

You've got to find what you love ♥

The sound is from


Film som inte är klar ännu, har bara påbörjat den.

Absalona ♥

Film om mig och Babsan, ponnyn jag saknar mest.

Sara & Alma

Musik: Prayer in C Best Day of my life.

Världens bästa ♥

En kort film med några olika klipp på mig och Suppe.

Speed editing

Sooo, my first editing video. This is just a basic edit, but if you like it I will do more of these. Like and Comment if you like it!

Fitnessfightens finalister, juni 2013

Fitnessfightens finalister, juni 2013: Veronica Holmström, Kerstin Bergman, Erika Palmqvist, Mikaela Sandahl, Therese Wikström, ...

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