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The Wild Adventures of Shekinah & Tiny (Compilation): Colon Cleanses, Etiquette, & More! | VH1

A supercut of shenanigans with the Family Hustle stars, featuring colon cleanses, etiquette class, and more! #FamilyHustle #VH1 ...

Shekinah & Cliff Vmir Get Into A Heated Salon Argument On Gender Politics Ep. 7 | Wig Out

Cliff Vmir has to check Shekinah Jo when she accuses him of wanting to be a woman. SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ►► ...

Reality star Shekinah Jo Anderson's BMW stolen, caught on camera

Shekinah Jo Anderson, who's best known for appearing on the VH-1 show "T.I. and Tiny," says the bizarre incident played out at ...

Shekinah Breaks It Down – Part 1

Guest co-host Shekinah responds to her online critics and shares what she wants people to really know about her.

Why Is Akbar Still Salty Over Shekinah? | Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Akbar V explains why she still has a beef with Shekinah, prompting Pooh to butt in and Sierra to call for peace and understanding.

The Shekinah Jo & Sierra Show EP 2. Making B Lovely's Sauce

Sierra and Shekinah pay homage to youtube star blovely by making their version of her special butter sauce for her crab legs.

Seafood Boil with Shekinah Jo from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Hey Y'all this was a mega boil! so much seafood. We got just about everything. Check out my girl Shekinah: YouTube: https ...

Tiny Reveals the Craziest Place Shekinah Has Done Her Hair

Real fam, have you ever had your hair done in a random or crazy place?

Is Dating In Atlanta THAT Bad?? Shekinah Jo Thinks So

Tune in to The Morning Culture Monday-Friday from 6-10am Subscribe to stay updated on the latest from V-103 Atlanta!

Shekinah Talks Plastic Surgery

Watch as guest co-host Shekinah opens up about her experience with going under the knife.

Exclusive: Shekinah Jo speaks out about her abusive relationship

Exclusive: Shekinah Jo (Tiny's hairdresser) speaks out about her abusive relationship. Pray for her. Yesterday Shekinah sent a ...

Shekinah Jo Gets Beat Up By Ex-Boyfriend; She Speaks Out This Morning On V-103

Y'all I kept saying "boyfriend" in the video, it's her EX-boyfriend! My bad y'all!! Subscribe to my channel: ...

Shekina Jo's Boyfriend Sells Video Of Her High And Tripping (Video Receipts)

Shekina Jo's Boyfriend Sells Video Of Her High And Tripping (Video Receipts) They even have a small scuffle at one point in the ...

The Shekinah Jo Show with "Lesbian-Transgender?!"

Join me while we get into the life of the beautiful LalaRue. Subscribe! Thank you for watching. Viewers discretion is advised!

Tiny & Shekinah Jo Get Into Heated Debate Over Detox Remedies! 😷


Shekinah & Tiny Address The Akbar V Bituation! 🤬


Shekinah Jo Gets A Restraining 0rder Against Sabrina Peterson+ Tiny puts Sabrina on BLAST!

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my grandfather is really my dad

Shekinah JO talks with Tre about somethings that has went on in her life!!!

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