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Evil Charity (Passions) The Woods

This is from my favourite horror themed, weird-ish soap opera (Passions) - Molly Stanton rocked as Evil Charity and Zombie ...

Molly Stanton Campaign Video

Learn more about Bloomfield School Board candidate Molly Stanton.

NBC Passions Soap Opera Highlight Reel Season

NBC Passions Soap Opera 2005 Season Highlight Reel. © 2005 NBC Universal Television Studio ...

Matthew Fallon Flute - Molly Stanton.drum MVI 2048

Matthew Fallon Flute - Molly Stanton.drum Om Fest 2015 back up band.

Beginner Polymer Clay Sculpting: Basic Shapes.

When I was a kid i loved those "how to draw" books. You know, the ones who showed you how to draw a horse using circles and ...


Molly is 11 and LOVES to dance!

Molly Jean Stanton

Molly is 12 years old and has been dancing for 9 years. She is trained in tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip-hop, pointe and acro.

When We Were Young

Thank you for listening and supporting indie artists! This DIY GarageBand recording was written, performed, and produced by ...

Best Polymer Clay Brands for Beginners

Brandi, one of my newsletter subscribers, asked what the best polymer clay for beginners is. It's a little like Goldilocks and the ...

Harry Dean Stanton & Friends perform 'Help Me Make It Through The Night'

Hollywood legend Harry Dean Stanton ends the night with a bang by performing 'Help Me Make It Through The Night' with Kris ...

Foster Timms performs for Harry Dean Stanton

Foster Timms pays tribute to Harry Dean Stanton with a song he wrote about Harry. Vidiots' first "Harry Dean Stanton Award" ...

Molly Stanton's Shoes

Scene from Miss March | Molly Stanton plays Candice! She's from Passions, and plays Charity Standish.

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