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NHD Documentary 2018 - LIFE Through the Lens: Margaret Bourke-White

My documentary for the National History Day Contest (2017-2018) for the theme "Conflict and Compromise in History." 2018 ...

Margaret Bourke White - Great Woman Photographer

To get the documentary visit To support my efforts to create more clips please donate to me ...

Women's History Month Margaret Bourke-White

Margaret Bourke-White was an American photographer and documentary photographer. She is best known as the first foreign ...

The Photography of Margaret Bourke-White

Thursday, 29 August 2019 The Photography of Margaret Bourke-White | Clever Number A small collection selected from the ...

Margaret Bourke-White - State Capital Museum Lecture Series

Part of the State Capital Museum Lecture Series.

great names. margaret bourke-white

great names. margaret bourke-white american photographer first woman photographer of the magazine "life" film by alex firsov ...

MARGARET BOURKE WHITE American Photographer Thats Enough JAZZ

Margaret Bourke-White (/ˌbɜrkˈhwaɪt/; June 14, 1904 -- August 27, 1971) was an American photographer and documentary ...

Margaret Bourke-White

Este video está dedicado a una de las fotógrafas más importantes del siglo XX ;)

First Wednesday: Margaret Bourke-White 10/2/13

Actress and educator Sally Matson portrays Margaret Bourke-White, whose influential images of industry, war zones, and world ...

Margaret Bourke-White

Exposición de Fotografía realizada por Alan y Marcel de la fotografa Margaret Bourke-White (sacamos 20 jajaja)

Margaret Bourke-White | The Great Artists | WM-206

She was one of America’s first documentary photographers and the very first American female war correspondent. In this ...

Margaret Bourke-White, America's Eyes - Part 1

Did you know that photographer Margaret Bourke-White had to make Stalin laugh to get his picture, and she was told by Patton to ...

Farrah Fawcett in Double Exposure 1989 (English)

Farrah Fawcett in Double Exposure 1989 (English)

Margaret Bourke White 1989

Una historia biográfica de la vida personal y los triunfos profesionales de una reconocida fotógrafa y periodista.


Cari amici di Promirrorless, Uno dei modi più efficaci per migliorarci è guardando le grandi fotografie dei grandi fotografi ...

Margaret Bourke-White Dorothea Lange SERVIZIO TGR LOMBARDIA 17 GENNAIO 2020

See the Classic Cameras Used by LIFE's First Female Staff Photographer

LIFE photographer Margaret Bourke-White and her camera. She was hired as LIFE magazine's first female staff photographer.

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