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Lorado Taft: the Chicago Years

Sculptor Lorado Taft helped build Chicago's worldwide reputation as the epicenter of the City Beautiful Movement. In this new ...


Here is just a little quick vlog regarding the trip the 5th grade took to LoraDo Taft in Oregon Illinois. Insta-meisterjoey_ Sc-jmeist17.

Graceland Cemetery - Lorado Taft's Eternal Silence and The Crusader

CAF docent Mary Jo Hoag discusses the "Eternal Silence" monument in Graceland Cemetery. "Eternal Silence" was completed in ...

Lorado Taft: Elmwood Native Son & American Sculptor

Video documentary on Lorado Taft and his connection with Elmwood, Illinois. Sponsored by the Elmwood Historical Society and ...

Black Hawk Statue - Facts, About and History

Thanks for watching... The Black Hawk Statue, or The Eternal Indian, is a sculpture by Lorado Taft located in Lowden State Park ...

Lorado Taft - Episode 1

I tell about my 5th grade field trip in a four part special.

Illinois Icons: Lorado Taft

Lorado Taft presented the Alma Mater sculpture to his beloved University of Illinois in 1929. His intention was to create a piece ...

Lorado Taft: Outdoor Education

Lorado Taft: Outdoor Education

Lorado Taft's "Crusader", Graceland Cemetery Chicago

Victor Lawson was a newspaper innovator as publisher of The Chicago Daily News. His tombstone was designed by noted ...

Lorado Taft: A Collection of images of the great sculptor’s work

This video is about Lorado Taft. Taft was a great sculptor from Central Illinois. Photos were all done by me.

Lorado 1

Info on our Trip to Taft.

Illinois Adventure #1703 "Lorado Taft Museum"

The Elmwood Historical Society maintains the Loredo Taft Museum. Lorado Taft was one of the early 20th century's most ...

Loredo Taft Retreat 2015 - NCHS Men's XC 2015

I really just want this to upload. Will work on description later.


Chicago, Illinois,Southside Washington Park, January 14,2016: Video footage of Lorado Taft Sculpture entitled, " Fountain Of ...

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