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CrossFit workout with Kai Braden - is this for you?

I hate Cross-fit, or so I thought. After going through my first workout with my friend Kai Braden who is an instructor, I realized that its ...

Fight choreography Kai Braden


Kai Braden & Xixi Yang explore the world of E! Entertainment's new show "Hollywood Cycle"

Front Row Features | Pacific Rim Video's correspondent Kai Braden and guest correspondent Xixi Yang of PopStop TV talk to the ...

Interview with Actor Model Kai Braden at Asians On Film Mixer

Pacific Rim Video correspondent Aimee Lee Lucas talks to actor and model Kai Braden during the Asians On Film Cinematic ...

Guess my mix kai

Kai plays everyone's favourite game on campus at UCLA, asking friends and strangers to guess his mix. Play along. Kai Braden ...

Kai Braden talks importance of Asians On Film Festival and diverstiy in entertainment

Pacific Rim Video | Front Row Features Wire correspondent Chris Trondsen talks to actor Kai Braden during the opening night of ...

dance reel: KAI BRADEN


mixed athletic reel: KAI BRADEN


Kai Braden and Robert Kane talk about 100Mixed Show on YouTube

Pacific Rim Video correspondent Aimee Lee Lucas talks to actor Kai Braden and Robert Kang during the Asians On Film ...

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