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The Crown vs Johnny Adair: Inside The RUC

In this documentary Johnny Adair touts on himself.and ends up in prison.

Donal MacIntyre meets Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair

One of the most feared men in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, Johny Adair tells Sunday World about becoming a full-time ...

Johnny Mad Dog Adair Talks About Billy Wright And What It Takes To Kill Someone

Click the link to watch Johnny Adair's full interview

When Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair Got Shot In The Head

Johnny mad dog Adair talks about the night he was shot in the head at a UB40 concert. Click the link to watch the full interview ...

Loyalist UDA leader Johnny Adair joins Neo-Nazis

Loyalist UDA leader Johnny Adair joins Neo-Nazis in Germany as they show support for his Gangster and terrorist work. From a ...


English/Nat Tensions are rising in Northern Ireland ahead of a planned Protestant march through Drumcree. Masked loyalist ...


English/Nat Northern Ireland's Orangemen have vowed to continue their protest at Drumcree after the Parades Commission ...

Johnny Adair Documentary

Johnny Adair Documentary.

Mad Dog and Nazi Nick (2007 Donal McIntyre Documentary)

Former terrorist Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair and Nick 'The Nazi' Greger join forces to go on an African adventure to open an ...

JOHNNY ADAIR THE MOVIE - Official Trailer 1690

The troubles are long over, but Johnny Adair returns from his Northern Ireland exile to exact revenge on his true enemies and ...

History Of Loyalism Part 8

The History Of Loyalism In Northern Ireland (No Surrender) Disc 4 Loyalists.

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