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Jerry Remy puts an"R"at the end of names and words.Don Orsillo laughing hysterically

Jerry Remy puts an "R" at the end of names and words.Don Orsillo laughing hysterically!!

The Entire "Here Comes The Pizza" Affair

This video accompanies: Here comes the pizza!

Jerry Remy eats a grasshopper at Safeco Field

Jerry Remy tries a fried grasshopper at Safeco Field and promises to try another one during Friday's game after the Red Sox ...

Jerry Remy Air Guitar

This is how the Remdawg prepares for his pregame reports.

Remy, Orsillo enjoy umpire's emphatic call

6/13/14: Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy have a laugh over Tom Hallion's demonstrative strike-three call following a Yan Gomes ...

Jerry Remy talks about 'worst day' of his life

The topic is part of the Red Sox broadcaster and former player's new book, "If These Walls Could Talk." Subscribe to WCVB on ...

A Conversation with Jerry Remy

The former Red Sox second baseman and longtime broadcaster talks with the Globe's Chad Finn about the current status and ...

Red Sox Nation loves Remy & Orsillo Please sign this to save Orsillo!

Fan struggles to put on poncho at Fenway Park

8/1/15: The Red Sox broadcast discusses a fan's struggles to put on his poncho as it starts to rain at Fenway Park Check out ...

Jerry Remy Has Someone In Mind For The Red Sox Manager Position

Find out who @Jerry_Remy thinks is a strong candidate for the Red Sox's managerial roll in the video below: ...

[email protected]: Remy presents new lamp for Orsillo in booth

6/3/15: Color commentator Jerry Remy presents Don Orsillo with a new lamp as they share a few laughs in the broadcast booth ...

Red Sox owner opens up about Jerry Remy

Red Sox owner John Henry made his first comments about the controversy surrounding Jerry Remy.

Jerry Remy - oops grab of breast

Red Sox baseball commentators Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy can't seem to keep it together when their crew captures a fan ...

Don Orsillo opens a window and Jerry Remy isnt happy 9/26/15

Don opens a window at Fenway and Jerry is upset because its cold out .

Jerry Remy makes a diving stop and throws out Chris Chambliss

Before his broadcasting days with NESN, Jerry Remy was a solid second baseman for the California Angels and Boston Red Sox.

Jerry Remy won't give Don Orsillo Mouth-to-mouth

Jerry and Don answer a twitter question during the Red Sox Home opener on 4/12/13. Their reactions are hilarious!

Jerry Remy look-alike found at Rogers Centre

8/14/13: A fan at Rogers Centre holds up a sign pointing out his friend, who looks very similar to Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy ...

Dave O'Brien, Jerry Remy Intro Red Sox's Spring Training Game Vs. BC

NESN Boston Red Sox announcers Dave O'Brien introduce Boston's first 2016 spring training game against Boston College.

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