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Grace Nichols

For the collective reading list for the 20th century and after, we are reading three poems by the Guyanese poet Grace ...

'When the Colours Spoke' by Grace Nichols

Children's Poet Grace Nichols performs 'When the Colours Spoke' from Cosmic Disco at CLPE.

Grace Nichols: Picasso, I Want My Face Back

Grace Nichols reads extracts from 'Weeping Woman', her long poem in the voice of Dora Maar, who as Pablo Picasso's muse and ...

'Hummingbird' by Grace Nichols

Grace Nichols performs 'Hummingbird' from her collection, Cosmic Disco.

'Leaf Man' by Grace Nichols

Grace Nichols performs 'Leaf Man' from her collection, Cosmic Disco.

Island Man by Grace Nichols GCSE revision from Millthorpe

Here's Island Man! A short analysis for a short poem. Many thanks to anbkm for the waves - see the whole thing on ...

Grace Nichols - Hurricane Hits England

Recorded by Bloodaxe Books and used with permission for the Out of Bounds poetry project tour. Visit ...

Grace Nichols

Subject:English Paper: African & Caribbean Writing in English.

Hurricane Hits England - Grace Nichols (Performed by Grace Nichols Herself)

Poem transcript availible by clicking 'more' Poem: Hurricane Hits England Written and performed by: Grace Nichols Animation by: ...

'Sally Size Zero' by Grace Nichols

Grace Nichols performs 'Sally Size Zero' from her collection Cosmic Disco.

Analysis of 'Even Tho' by Grace Nichols

Analysis of 'Even Tho' for GCSE English Literature.

Complete analysis of Praise Song for My Mother by Grace Nichols

Kindle Unlimited lets you read all my ebooks for free for 30 days! The channel where 27% of viewers go ...

'Praise Song For My Mother' by Grace Nichols (GCSE analysis)

A revision video for GCSE students studying the Relationships Cluster from the anthology Moon on the Tides for AQA English ...

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