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Frank Mcguire Ride on


Frank McGuire. Edinburgh Festival.

Edinburgh Festival. Merchant hall. August 2018.

Frank Mcguire Bodhran

Session in studio ....Moscow.

Frank Mcguire Moscow session

Session in Moscow Frankie Mcguire bodhran with irish bouzouki player Evgeny Kazenkov.

Frank Mcguire Bodhran

Session in Moscow Frankie Mcguire bodhran with irish bouzouki player Evgeny Kazenkov.

USC Gamecocks Basketball ~ The Frank McGuire Era ~ Gamecock Greatest

Drew Stewart presents another segment of his "Gamecock Greatest" with a look back at the Frank McGuire era of University of ...

Frank McGuire's New York City Pipeline Led To 1957 Undefeated Season

Frank McGuire brought players from New York to North Carolina and changed the culture of basketball at UNC. Hear Lennie ...

Frank McGuire MP: Postcodes of Hope

Frank McGuire is the Victorian State member for Broadmeadows. As part of an extensive and varied career in politics he has an ...

Lefty Driesell and Frank Mcguire Discuss The Maryland, South Carolina, Brawl of 1970

Lefty Driesell and Frank Mcguire, coaches for Maryland and South Carolina respectively, talk about the brawl their teams had in ...


Frank McGuire Folk songs (demo)

Coach Frank Mcguire 1970

1970 Gamecocks basketball short clip.

Frank McGuire MP at St Vincent's

Parliamentary Secretary for Medical Research Frank McGuire MP calls on the Federal Govt to match Victorian Govt's $60 million ...

CELTIC MIST - Frank McGuire - Raya Lakomova

Band: Frank McGuire, percussion, flutes, whistles, vocal Raya Lakomova, soprano Egor Romanenko, piano Vyacheslav ...

Coach Frank McGuire ~ A Carolina Legend ~ USC Gamecocks Basketball

Bob Shields presents a look back at the career of USC Gamecocks legendary basketball coach Frank McGuire. The segment ...

USC Gamecocks ~ Frank McGuire Funeral Service With Interviews From Players & Coaches

Some scenes and interviews from the funeral service of Hall of Fame basketball coach Frank McGuire.

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