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Matt Post Vines | Best Vine Compilation June 2016 | with TITLEs

Matt Post Vines | Best Vine Compilation June 2016 | with TITLEs: Thanks for Watching, Please ...

Top 100 Chloe Lmao Vines (W/Titles) Chloe Lmao Vine Compilation 2017 - Co Vines✔

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Matt Post Vine Compilation 2015 - With Captions

Matt Post Vine compilation with captions. Want to make your own Vine compilation? It's easy! Go to to learn how.

Building My Heart

Exploring what fuels my spirit, brings me joy and builds up my heart. I am fully committed to her. The desires and values I strive to ...

Schubes Top 50 Vines (Most Looped)

The YouTube compilation maker made this sweet video that put my top 50 most looped vines in chronological order. It's basically ...

Corona Thots - Spread Love and Create

There's stress all around and I truly hope everyone is okay out there... Let's do what we can and make the best of this time, control ...

My Heart's First Breath

After a number of things that led me astray from myself and dealing with abuse, my spirit had died. I slowly crawled my way up and ...

If I was a father, & had CrafteeChloe's voice for some reason. #Saveddraft

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CrafteeChloe is Luke Berti's number one fan. #ChloeFinishesYourDrafts

Vine created on March 30, 2015.

When you have no vine ideas w/CrafteeChloe, Matt Post, ᴀIɴAʟ ᴄAᴠIᴛY, aubrey casey

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Message in the Water Pt 1

Yesterday I met Vivianna, a woman who came here from Greece. When she first arrived here years ago, she only knew one word.

Be Bold and Let Go

The moment after my heart's first breathe, when I broke free. It was the hardest breakthrough, for many reasons. But in the end, ...

a vine by Crafteechloe

it had no context.

A Fishy Prologue

Prologue to "The Missing Shell"

Message in the Water Pt 2

I sat across from this 'dad' ” .... I can't.

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