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Clare Wren

Clare Wren, Sterling Renaissance Festival.

Steel and Lace (1991) Trailer

Steel and Lace is a curiosity from a glorious time when every action/horror movie had a cyborg in it. About half the movie seems ...

Steel and Lace (1991)

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[Archive Irish Music] 1973 "The Wren Dance" In West Clare, Ireland (The Sheebeen Sessions #4)

In this video we have The Wren Dance with dancers and musicians dressed up and wearing masks to celebrate St Stephen's Day ...

Clare, Ivy, Wren

Girls playing at the river.

Claire & Wren BHC.wmv

Claire & Wren, training contacts yet still getting 3rd in G5 agility :-) All the work does pay off if you stick to it :-)

''Follow the Wren'' Traditional Song, Arranged By Richie Kavanagh.

Great song taking from the Richie Kavanagh The Mobile Phone Album. Happy Christmas to everyone Richie Kavanagh.

Wren - Here (Official Video)

Official website: Starring WREN. Director: Clare Conway Cinematographer: Clare Conway Editor/Colourist: ...

Nola Wren & Kill Dave - Knife (tofû Remix)

Enjoy! Download... tofû ...

Wren - Alive (Official Video)

Official website: Starring Hayley Morris, Carla Stephanie & WREN. Director: Clare Conway 1st AD: Annelisa ...

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