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my brian law's wooden clock 1

home built brian law's wooden clock no 1, cnc parts, made of most iroco wood. alternate wind mechanism. scale =inlay.

Brian Law's woodenclocks Clock 15 with Grasshopper escapement

Clock15 is the first clock design to use the Grasshopper type escapement . Developed originally by John Harrison as a means of ...

Brian Law's woodenclocks - Clock 40 Compact clock with Galileo Escapement

I have been experimenting with various types of escapement used in earlier clocks and have by now incorporated quite a few of ...

Brian Law's woodenclocks - One wheel clock escapement.

Designed around 1760 by James Ferguson the escapement is arranged such that the Escape wheel will make one complete revolution ...

Brian Law's 3D printed mechanisms.

An enhanced version of the Lockable container with a secret draw for the key.

Brian Law's woodenclocks -Clock 31 Beginners clock No 3 with non round gears

Clock 31, the third of 3 Beginners clocks, is again based on the same principles that links them all, and that is they are designed ...

Brian Law's Woodenclocks-Clock 18 Clock with Non-Circular Gears

This clock started really as a challenge to see if I could design a couple of elliptical gears to mesh together, that worked out pretty ...

Brian Law's woodenclocks Clock 37- with Pinwheel escapement using Coup Perdu

Clock 37 - Over the years clock designers have introduced a great number of escapements aimed at making their clocks run more ...

Brian Law's Woodenclocks-Clock 12-Final Assembly

Instructions for assembling the clock after all the parts have been made. Full plans and dxf files at

Brian Law's woodenclocks-Clock 17 Flying Pendulum

Clock 17 The flying pendulum clock is a clock that uses a flying pendulum escapement mechanism. A small metal ball, connected ...

Brian Law Clock

Brian Law's Clock #24 cut with my Pilot Pro CNC. CAD software used were Vectric VCarve Pro and Draftsight 2016. Clock runs on ...

Brian Law's woodenclocks - Starter clock asembly

This video shows how the Starter clock is assembled

Brian Law's Woodenclocks-Clock 12-Wind up

Video of clock 12 prototype. Full plans and dxf files at

Brian Law's woodenclocks Gravity Escapement Prototype

The design of this escapement is based on the Arnfield escapement developed by Jim Arnfield in 1987. He developed a method ...

Brian Law's woodenclocks - Clock 23 - The crooked clock

The design for Clock 23 base on the gear train designed for Clock 18 with an added Melted dial that owes a lot to Salvador Dali.

Brian Law's woodenclocks - Clock 36 - 24hour Clock

This clock has been designed from the outset to run for 24 hours, so a single wind is all that is needed to keep it running ...

Brian Law's Woodenclocks - Clock 27-FDM 3D Printed

This is the 2nd clock to be designed for making on a 3D printer. This one incorporates the woodenclocks gravity escapement and ...

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