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1974-75 Two Time Heisman Trophy Winner Archie Griffin of Ohio State.

Highlights of Archie at Ohio State as well as Griffin's speech at his 1st Heisman trophy presentation at the downtown Athletic club ...

Buckeye Tribute: Archie Griffin Career Highlights

Tribute to and highlights of Ohio State legend Archie Griffin.

Buckeye Classics Episode 204 Archie Griffin

The Soul of the Buckeyes The Ohio State University has been playing football for over one hundred and ten years. In that time ...

Archie Griffin Sits Down with BTN Tailgate

Two-time Heisman winner and Ohio State legend Archie Griffin sits down with Dave Revsine to talk about his time in Columbus ...

Big Ten Icons #04 - Archie Griffin

Big Ten Icons #04 - Archie Griffin.

Big Ten Icons: Archie Griffin 1

A look at how Woody Hayes gave Archie Griffin the opportunity to be the featured tailback at Ohio State. To watch the full episodes ...

Archie Griffin BC4C Video HD

highlight reel of two time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin.

Archie Griffin shatters idea that freshman shouldn't play in college football | Sports Illustrated

Archie Griffin shatters the perception that freshman shouldn't play in college football. The Ohio State great runs wild and changes ...

Archie Griffin addresses grads

Archie Griffin, president and CEO of Ohio State's Alumni Association, addresses new alumni at the 2015 Spring Commencement ...

A message from Archie Griffin

Archie Griffin outlines his plans for the future.

Archie Griffin takes us to the neighborhood where he grew up

Archie Griffin takes us to the neighborhood where he grew up to show us the renovation projects he's working on with his former ...

Every Archie Griffin Touchdown Pass

Every touchdown pass that former Bengals halfback Archie Griffin threw in his career.

The Most UNDERRATED Career in NFL History!

Ken Riley might be the most underrated player in NFL History. In this video I make a Hall of Fame case for him and give a short bio ...

Archie Griffin's Heisman Thoughts

Archie Griffin won the Heisman Trophy twice as an Ohio State Buckeye running back. He talked with Jason Horowitz about the ...

Ohio State's Archie Griffin and President-Designate Michael Drake: A conversation

In this February 1 conversation, Ohio State President-Designate Michael Drake and Alumni Association President Archie Griffin ...

Archie Griffin Senior Highlights

Archie Griffin Senior Highlights.

Archie Griffin - Objects of Wonder

Two-time Heisman trophy award-winner Archie Griffin speaks about one of his trophies, included in the Columbus Museum of Art ...

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